Patrons attending a performance of the San Francisco Ballet \\ © Brandon Patoc



Supporting fundraising efforts by non-profit organizations

San Francisco Ballet receives many requests for ticket donations to support fundraising efforts by non-profit organizations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are happy to help with these worthwhile efforts whenever possible.

Please note: due to the large number of requests for donations we ask that you please allow three weeks for processing.

In the event that SF Ballet is able to donate to your event, a letter/voucher redeemable for tickets will be emailed to your organization along with an information sheet. The voucher should be given to your winner and includes all of the information needed to redeem it for tickets, including performances from which they may choose, the number of tickets and seating section available, voucher expiration date, and contact information. The information sheet includes the value of the donation, a brief description of what was donated and SF Ballet’s contact information, so there is no need to include a form with your donation request.

To save paper and money, please note that SF Ballet does not need a thank-you note following your event or a receipt for our records. Thank you for your attention to these details and good luck with your event!