Crossroads: Meet Subscriber Candice Ho

Crossroads: Meet Subscriber Candice Ho

“Going to SF Ballet helps me engage with my general passion for movement.” 

Candice Ho, an event planner and Principal-5 Series subscriber, shared with us what she loves about an evening at the ballet and why she subscribes.

Why do you subscribe?
I love seeing the performances, the dancers’ feet, the ambiance. Seeing a performance live that isn’t bound by a screen is a unique experience these days.

Do you have any pre- or post-performance rituals? Dinner in the area?
Before the show (and after a Pilates workout), we always grab a coffee, and it’s almost always Blue Bottle Coffee. I’m a die-hard fan. Post-show, we walk a block into Hayes Valley (our old stomping ground before it gained the attention it has today) and grab a drink and some must-have fries and olives from Dobbs Ferry Bar. Then dinner at Nopa (if we can catch a reservation) or Trattoria Contadina (our favorite Italian in the city). Fat Angel is another favorite for snacks and great cocktails.

What are some things you enjoy about coming to a performance?
Going to SF Ballet helps me engage with my general passion for movement. I don’t always catch onto the reason behind the choreographer’s movements but reading the description prior to each performance helps immensely. It is so inspiring to see the unique and artistic ways each person thinks.

What are some of your favorite moments at the ballet?
I am often rushing to the performance from work or the Peninsula, but at least one time during the season, I must stop at the gift shop. It has some of the greatest finds for myself, my nieces, and my brother, who also enjoyed the ballet when we were kids. He’s a chef in Edmonds, WA now, so when I saw the doughboy pizza nutcracker, it was a perfect Christmas gift.

Mathilde Froustey and Carlo Di Lanno in Tomasson’s Romeo & Juliet // © Erik Tomasson

What do you look for in booking tickets? What draws you to a specific performance?
First, the major classical pieces (Romeo & Juliet, The Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella) draw me in. Then, I try to find trailers of other pieces to get a glimpse of the program. I definitely veer towards classical rather than contemporary pieces. As a subscriber, I’m thankful to have the flexibility to change my tickets whenever I want from one show to another.


Header Image: Opening night of the 75th Anniversary Celebration of Nutcracker // © Nikki Ritcher Photography