San Francisco Ballet Association building.



Ensuring a seamless rental experience

To ensure your rental experience at SF Ballet is as productive and seamless as possible, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our rental policies.


Please complete and return the Facility Rental Request form via email or fax for all audition and event rental requests. Specify the exact start time and end time of the event, including the time you will need for set-up, registration, and clean up. PLEASE NOTE: Upon your scheduled completion time, you may be expected to leave the studio immediately.

Once we receive the Facility Rental Request, and we determine your requested dates do not conflict with San Francisco Ballet activities, we will confirm your finalized reservation date and time.


Once we’ve confirmed your reservation, we will send you a Rental Agreement and a Hold Harmless form. Please review, sign, and return the Rental Agreement and Hold Harmless form to SF Ballet. Your organization must provide a Certificate of Insurance with the following:

  1. Required Insurance types and limits
    1. General Liability: $1M each occurrence, $2M aggregate
    2. Auto coverage: $1M each occurrence
    3. Umbrella Liability: $5M each occurrence
    4. Worker’s Compensation: $1M each occurrence
  2. Please list the SF Ballet as Additional Insured. The Additional Insured provision should be unrestricted, meaning that it should NOT be limited to “as required by written contract”.
  3. Please include the following under “Certificate holder”: San Francisco Ballet Association 455 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
  4. Please provide a Waiver of Subrogation in favor of the Ballet.
  5. Please include the wording “All Operations” within the description of operations, locations, vehicles section of the certificate.
  6. Please provide with a minimum of “30 days written notice in the event of cancellation of the policy (except, 10 days for non- payment of premium)”. This information can be typed directly onto the certificate.

Should your organization carry coverages that differ from those detailed above, eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The Rental Agreement, Hold Harmless form, payment, and proof of insurance must be received to guarantee your reservation for the space.

Please note that the studio(s) to which you are assigned could change on the day of the rental in order to accommodate changes to the SF Ballet School or Company schedules. There are often multiple events scheduled in the building, and you may be asked to limit all of your activities to the space to which you are assigned. For security reasons, SF Ballet requests that all guests use the 1 st floor restrooms.


Please do not mail event materials to SF Ballet in advance unless you have pre-arranged it with our staff. SFB will not be responsible for replacing any pre-sent items if they are lost.


SF Ballet does not allow parents of auditioning students or unlisted guests into the building; they must wait in the lobby. SF Ballet does not allow the media into our building without advanced written permission.


SF Ballet does not permit smoking in the facility. Bottled water is permitted in the studios; food or other beverages are not permitted. Please do not wear street shoes or tap shoes in the studios.


  • Submit Rental Request Form.
  • Review, sign and return the Rental Agreement and Hold Harmless form.
  • Provide proof of required insurance.
  • Provide IRS Determination Letter/501(c)3 letter if your company is requesting the non-profit rate.
  • All documents must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the reservation.

Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

Download SFB_Rental-Guidelines