San Francisco Ballet School students performing during the 2016 student showcase. (© Chris Hardy)



Dance in the heart of San Francisco

Our goal as one of the foremost academies of ballet training in the world is to create an environment that will bring out the best in each student. You will find a demanding curriculum of formal ballet training, steeped in the rigor of classical technique. You will be taught by world-renouned teachers who respect you as individuals and will help you hone your particular skills. And, you will be surrounded by caring staff who will help you get the most out of your training as well as your time in San Francisco.

Living in San Francisco

There’s a reason San Francisco is one of America’s top tourist destinations. San Francisco is a diverse, young, and vibrant city located on the west coast of the US. Known for its progressive values and innovative thinking, San Francisco shares its adventurous spirit with nearby Silicon Valley. We’re known for our world-renouned arts and culture, our colorful Victorian homes, the spectacular views you can see from the City’s seven hills, the Golden Gate Bridge, and our neighborhoods which each have their own distinctive charm.


Located in the heart of San Francisco’s elegant Pacific Heights neighborhood, the San Francisco Ballet School Residence is a three-story Edwardian building, just a short ride on public transportation from the School. Of course, students may also choose to arrange their own accommodations for independent living.

San Francisco Ballet School students during and between warm-ups. (© Brandon Patoc)

The facility accommodates 28 students under the supervision of on-site staff members. Residence programming addresses the students’ growth as responsible young adults on track to a professional career. Most rooms are double or triple occupancy, and students are matched with roommates based on age, gender, and class level, and also by request. Many rooms have private bathrooms, and there are ample hall bathrooms and showers to accommodate rooms without private facilities.


  • Community kitchen and dining area
  • Common room with piano and library
  • Well-appointed entertainment room
  • Private garden and patio
  • Laundry facilities
  • On-location residence staff
  • Space in the residence is limited and available by invitation only. Lack of availability does not preclude participation in our program.