For 87 years, San Francisco Ballet has received and benefited from the many contributions of people of color. Like many non-profits, we are taking a hard look at our organization, where we have fallen short, and what we must do to make deep, sustaining change. We also recognize that as a predominantly white organization, we cannot make progress without addressing historical paradigms that have limited access to our art form. We are determined to rethink and invest in policies, practices, and performances that make everyone in our community feel included, supported, and valued. We have launched a multi-year Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access initiative to drive profound change, from our boardroom to every aspect of our operation and within our culture. We will hold ourselves accountable, report our progress, and commit to ensuring SF Ballet reflects the heterogeneity of society and the vibrancy of our global community.

We encourage you to explore, engage, and educate yourself on these important issues.


#BlackLivesMatter #amplifymelanatedvoices

SF Ballet DEI Mission Statement

SF Ballet’s DEI mission is to provide individuals an opportunity to achieve their full potential; enhance and strengthen our art form; and solidify our reputation as a preeminent arts organization, embodying innovation, excellence, and inclusion. We strive to share our joy of dance, while fostering a welcoming environment—both internally and externally—that celebrates and embraces many forms of diversity.


Helgi Tomasson, Artistic Director and Principal Choreographer